In this article, I will outline what S.M.A.R.T. goals are and how you can use them to effectively set your own goals or help someone you are mentoring to achieve theirs.

I have been mentoring designers in a design studio for about five years, but have only recently started mentoring…

Featuring Pangram, Orelo wise and Silk sans

Franck Bohbot Photography

I saw a photography series by Franck Bohbot and was inspired to do a little typography experiment using my favourite fonts, pangram, orelo wide and silk sans. I think orelo is such a beautifully original font with such a wide variety of weightings, I am really enjoying fonts with a wider weighting. Pangram is the perfect sans serif font, with just enough character to not feel cold. Silk serif pairs nicely with both and I wanted to incorporate a serif font into this project.

Featuring Mondwest & Neue World by Pangram Pangram type Foundry

Pangram Pangram is one of my favourite type foundries at the moment. You can find their fonts here: They do some beautiful typefaces and I have been dying to try out two in particular: Mondwest & Neue World.

Featuring Helvetica and Love by VJ Type Foundry

old meets new

This experiment combines one of my favourite fonts, Helvetica, with a font called Love from It’s a quirky mashup of old and new, but I have used this exercise to push my design style.

A type & design series, featuring a different font monthly.

I decided to start a new typographic experiment series. First up for july is Gilroy, the perfect choice for any product, website or app.

Gilroy is a great example of an extremely modern and versatile font. …

Designers who thrive

Design systems are an extremely hot topic at the moment, however, this is not an article about creating better design systems in order to thrive in chaos (although I LOVE a good system)… This is a musing on how we can help ourselves and those we lead to thrive in…

Debbie Turner

digital creative. thinker. dreamer. — Design Director

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